Glad to be hitting you up with another Edition of Guerilla Funk. We get straight into it as we visit Kenya and Rwanda for a spotlight on the Elections.

Kenya & Rwanda Elections: Electoral Violence & Uhuru Kenyatta’s Fake News Strategy

Violence in the Kenya Polls earlier this week took the life of the head of Kenya’s Independent Electoral Commission. The Elections have proceeded nevertheless, with allegations surfacing that Uhuru Kenyatta has employed the services of British ‘Big Data’ Agency Cambridge Analytica to assist his campaign by generating fake news online in order to boost his campaign, in the same way it did for Donald Trump.

Meanwhile long-time Rwandan President Paul Kagame has already won as expected another ‘landslide victory’ of 99% amid speculation of Political repression in Rwanda. Venezuela also saw the installation of a new Post Election Government, and it remains to be seen whether stability will prevail in Venezuela.

Lord Jamar’s ‘Hip Hop Book Phone Challenge’

Hip Hop gets a positive look, as veteran Brand Nubian Hip Hop MC Lord Jamar’s Instagram Hip Hop #BookPhoneChallenge trends.

One of the unexpected results of JAY-Z’s last critically acclaimed album, 4:44 was the social-media responses the critically acclaimed album inspired. Of those, perhaps none caught on as quickly as the “money phone challenge” in which users uploaded images of them holding stacks of cash to their ear. Meant to symbolize “money calling,” holding up racks to one’s ear on social media did not first appear in the days following the LP’s release, but the trend definitely became more popular once folks heard the lyrics to “The Story of OJ”:

Y’all on the ‘gram holdin’ money to your ear / There’s a disconnect, we don’t call that money over here, yeah

With those words, JAY-Z inspired unbothered fans and some other rappers to take to Instagram to show off their “money phones.”

In the weeks since, the #MoneyPhoneChallenge has morphed into an entirely new manifestation, this one steered by Lord Jamar. The former Brand Nubian rapper has ushered in the “BookPhoneChallenge,” in which he invites Hip-Hop fans to upload images of themselves holding to their ears stacks of books instead of racks of cash.

Earlier this week, Lord Jamar took to his Instagram to post a photo of himself holding, among other books, The Religion of Jesus the Jew, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, and Bobby Seale’s Seize the Time. “On my BOOK PHONE…the KNOWLEDGE is callin!!!,” he wrote in the caption.

We’ve already made our contribution to Lord Jamar’s #BookPhoneChallenge by posting the Photo we used for this article earlier on our Instagram, with the Hashtag #BookPhoneChallenge. Feel free to join Lord Jamar’s campaign and follow us on Instagram and Twitter as well.

Meanwhile you can check out the links below for more on Lord Jamar’s campaign, Jay-Z’s ‘Story of OJ’ video, the Elections as well as get your regular Global News & Culture roundup via Al Jazeera, The African Independent, New York Times, XXL and Afrobeat360.

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Its great to see Hip Hop being acknowledged for something positive like reading in the mainstream for a change, and so we also posted the Tupac article we did earlier titled ‘Books ‘Pac Read’ which gave insight into Tupac’s Library and depth.


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