Paid in Full: The Harlem Crack Era & Hip Hop

‘I never prayed to God/ I prayed to Gotti/ That’s right its wicked/ That’s life I live it/ Ain’t asking for forgiveness for my sins…’ […]

The Reptilian Deception (Part 3)

Ancient Astronauts: The Annunaki Following our exploration of the ‘Inner Earth’ Reptilian presence, we now consider the possibility of a Space-Faring Alien Race that may […]

Mysteries of The Quantum World

The Great Bohr/Einstein Debate Our journey into the Quantum World was truly mind-bending. The Rules of the Quantum Universe go against our basic intuitions about […]

Nobel Prize Winner & Activist Liu Xiaobo Dies in Chinese Hospital, Zim Government Crackdown & Gulf Crisis Deepens

Its a special edition of our Weekly News Capsule as we celebrate reaching 20 000 Likes….Its humbling to see people respond to our message, as […]