There has been a Historical tendency for African Liberation Movements to turn into self-enriching entities separated from the ‘masses’, relying more and more on the use of Force to maintain Power than on Voter Consensus.

With Ruling Parties positioning looters across all levels of Government and presiding over a shameless strategy to tap State resources for personal gain.

Post-Colonial African Governments seem to be oblivious to the reality that this is not how a democracy is run as they start to look more like Organised Crime Syndicates than a collection of noble Freedom Fighters.

As in all Organised Crime Families, there are occasional flare-ups which signal internal struggles for control and divisions within the Ruling Parties…In reality, these internal conflicts represent the internal Wars routinely witnessed in notable Organised Mafia Crime Families like the Colombo and Gambino Family Wars.

Whilst these conflicts present themselves with an outwardly Political dimension eg over Succession as is the case in Zimbabwe at present, in reality they are representative of the struggle for the control of the Ruling Party’s ‘Rackets’ and Profits.

For this reason, rather than being regarded as ‘Political’ by virtue of the fact that the Protagonists are Politicians, these coups d ├ętat should instead be regarded as ‘Syndicate’ or ‘Crime Family’ Wars by going beyond the veneer of Political Actors, and piercing the veil to the underlying battle for Institutional Control primarily for individual Profiteering.

As Africans we have been too quick to rejoice and welcome our ‘Liberators’, until ultimately with each ‘transition’ we realise we have been thrown from the Frying Pan into the fire.

As far as Zimbabwe goes, it is still too early to tell how the situation will unfold, but Citizens should be cautious of excessive jubilation. In the case of countries such as South Africa where ‘The Family’ appears intact, fissures in Government have begun to appear as State Accountability declines.

Jacue Paw’s recent Book ‘The President’s Keepers’ which reveals the ghastly situation under President Zuma is useful contemporary reading on the subject, and may well help us predict when South Africa’s own ‘Family Feud’ will eventually erupt.

Despite the Tanks and Military Personnel, Africa’s coups d ├ętat seem Political, but in reality they can be likened to the 1985 Shooting of Gambino Family Boss Paul Castellano by John Gotti outside Sparks Steak House which saw Gotti rise to the top of the Gambino Family and earn the Title the ‘Teflon Don’.

As Africa evolves, it is important that we interpret and record our History as accurately as we can, lest we mistake Syndicate Wars for Political Revolutions.

Check out the links below for our articles on the Zim and South Africa situation, as well as the now infamous assassination of Paul Castellano by John Gotti outside Sparks Steak House.


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