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Many people believe that American biologist James Watson and English physicist Francis Crick discovered DNA in the 1950s.
Although few people realize it, 1869 was a landmark year in genetic research, because it was the year in which Swiss physiological chemist Friedrich Miescher first identified what he called “nuclein” inside the nuclei of human white blood cells.
When he came across a substance from the cell nuclei that had chemical properties unlike any protein, including a much higher phosphorous content and resistance to proteolysis (protein digestion), Miescher realized that he had discovered a new substance.
However, more than 50 years passed before the significance of Miescher’s discovery of nucleic acids was widely appreciated by the scientific community.

Meanwhile, even as Miescher’s name fell into obscurity by the twentieth century, other scientists continued to investigate the chemical nature of the molecule formerly known as nuclein. One of these other scientists was Russian biochemist Phoebus Levene. A Physician turned chemist.

He was the first to discover the order of the three major components of a single nucleotide (phosphate-sugar-base); the first to discover the carbohydrate component of RNA (ribose); the first to discover the carbohydrate component of DNA (deoxyribose); and the first to correctly identify the way RNA and DNA molecules are put together.

It was Levene who proposed that nucleic acids were composed of a series of nucleotides, and that each nucleotide was in turn composed of just one of four nitrogen-containing bases, a sugar molecule, and a phosphate group.


Eureka: James Watson and Francis Crick

Building on Levene’s findings, Erwin Chargaff was one of a handful of scientists who expanded on Levene’s work by uncovering additional details of the structure of DNA, thus further paving the way for Watson and Crick.
Chargaff’s research, combined with some crucially important X-ray crystallography work by English researchers Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins, contributed to Watson and Crick’s derivation of the three-dimensional, double-helical model for the structure of DNA.

Watson and Crick were therefore not the discoverers of DNA, but rather the first scientists to formulate an accurate description of this molecule’s complex, double-helical structure. Moreover, Watson and Crick’s work was directly dependent on the research of numerous scientists before them, including Friedrich Miescher, Phoebus Levene, and Erwin Chargaff.

Mankind’s recent success in this area is a great achievement, but we have already suggested that DNA was already known in Ancient times as the Sumerian records demonstrate.

DNA: The Ancient Knowledge

Serpent Double Helix

Ancient Symbol: Twin Serpent Double Helix

The Sumerian and Egyptian records demonstrate that Ancient Civilizations had knowledge in advanced science that we humans are now re-learning in the modern era.

The double helix model of DNA is linked the double-helix snake on a rod/staff used as the symbol of modern medicine.

Its roots lie in Ancient Egypt and Sumeria where the DNA Double Helix was already known and understood.

The Serpent as we have already suggested was the Sumerian symbol of the Anunnaki Scientist-God Enki or Ptah in Egypt who was credited with the creation of the Adama (Man) through genetic experiments aimed at producing a Primitive Worker to assist the Anunnaki with their Gold-mining project on Earth.

Perhaps one of the most stark examples of the existence of this Ancient knowledge is the story in Genesis in which Moses is instructed to make a Bronze serpent on a stick to heal the Hebrews’ snake bites, as per God’s instructions.

The Israelites are told to look at the Snake in order to live, and those that do so live.

This story can be understood as Enki’s way of communicating to the Israelites that they must now pay allegiance to the God whose symbol is the Serpent i.e. Enki (Ea) or Ptah if they want to live and complete the Exodus safely.

It was a harsh lesson in loyalty in a world in which Polytheism flourished and the people could easily turn to competing Canaanite Gods from the House of Enlil represented by the Eagle.

The memory of these Canaanite Gods was not easy to erase as the Israelites had worshipped them during their time in Egypt. This would also explain the story of the Golden Calf…A symbol of the Enlilite God Baal who was a rival to Enki.

The story of Exodus therefore contains the hidden sub-text of an underlying war or rivalry of the Gods that could be traced all the way back to Enki and Enlil’s conflict in Ancient Sumer.

Moses & Serpent

Healing Serpent: Moses & The Bronze Snake

DNA As Information

For decades, scientists have tried to recreate the primordial events that gave rise to life on the planet. In the famous Miller-Urey experiments reported in 1953, scientists electrically charged a primordial soup of chemicals that mimicked the chemical makeup of the planet’s early oceans and found that several simple amino acids, the most primitive building blocks of life, formed as a result.


Code To Life: DNA

It is now understood that DNA carries the instructions for life and in this way it can be likened to a computer which stores data on a hard drive and reads it in order to ensure that the Body has all the cells it requires to ensure that organs function normally.

The new model is still in its infancy however, and can be linked to other similar hypothesis such as the “Simulation Hypothesis’ which suggests that ‘reality’ is actually a coded computer simulation…The code to reality has already been deciphered by Physicist Dr Gates whose Adinkra is a 3-D model of our ‘Reality Matrix’ based on the codes he has determined exist to form and sustain our ‘reality’.

Isnt it grand that he named his discovery after Ghana’s famous and beautiful ‘Adinkra’ decorative prints?


We are making progress in rediscovering what the Ancients already knew about DNA. In addition, a line of enquiry based on an informational rather than chemical understanding of not only DNA but our entire reality itself, is emerging, and it would seem that we are moving closer to unlocking the deeper mysteries of the Universe.

Check out our featured documentary of the week ‘The Programming Of Life’ which explores the question of DNA as information and what the implications may be…In particular, what it means for the idea of the existence of an Intelligent Designer.

In addition, you can read more about the Ancient’s knowledge of DNA and the Serpent symbol via the Bibliotecapleyades knowledge archive in our Timbuktu Portal.


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