Timbuktu Portal Now Live: Upgrade Yourself
Glad to announce that our Timbuktu Portal is now up.
The aim is to help you get ahead whenever you choose to spend some time with us. The content and links will be regularly updated so you have access to good information and the opportunities you need to succeed. Whether its that Start-up you’ve been scheming about for a while, a Study opportunity, Scholarship, Job or Fellowship you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered even including a free weekly Mobile Game Download to help ease the stress.
Immerse yourself in our Library of E-Books and Metaphysical knowledge starting with the extensive and unparalleled Plaedian Library archive courtesy of the Biblioteca Pléyades link which will take you into the deepest realms of knowledge from the furthest reaches of our Galaxy.
Our classic publications include Sir Isaac Newton’s ‘Principia Mathematica’, Plato’s ‘The Republic’ and Nicholas Copernicus’ ‘On The Revolutions Of Celestial Spheres’. For the modern and African sections we’ve included Sevan Bomar’s ‘The Code To The Matrix’ as well as my two personal works, ‘Quantum Consciousness’ and ‘Principalities Unveiled’. Steve Biko and Frantz Fanon serve us properly with ‘I Write What I Like’ and ‘Black Skin White Masks’ respectively.
The first video lecture for our Human Origins course ‘Genesis Revisited’ will be up next week, available under ‘Courses’. I’ve decided to conduct it by way of video lectures. We can openly discuss, debate and answer questions via our own ‘mini-Facebook’ local Website Peepso Network which is available automatically to all members on Registration.
The Timbuktu Portal will be updated regularly with new opportunities, information and downloads.
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