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The Dove Soap Ad Saga : Racism or Overreaction?

Our second Ellipsis Podcast discusses the storm surrounding an advert released by Dove Soap last week which has been criticised widely online as Racist. Dove Soap has since apologised and retracted the Ad.

We look at the drama as well as the History of Racism in advertising, showing a shift from explicit to a more subliminal Racist stereotyping in contemporary Advertising.

The Dove Soap Ad is particularly disturbing in view of the trend that sees dark-skinned women bleaching their skin with poisonous ‘skin lightening’ creams that eventually leave permanent scars due to a negative body image.

Nevertheless, in the Spirit of Unity we play out with Michael Jackson’s unifying classic ‘Black or White’.

The Podcast is short at 15mins, and you can listen to it from the Audio Playlist on our Home Page.

The link to the offensive Dove Ad that caused the storm is below:




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