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X-Files: (The Invention Of ‘Race’: Consequences & Implications)

The meaning of the concept of ‘Race’ appears to be self-evident and ‘obvious’. From the mid-19th Century to date, its association with Skin Colour, Socio-Economic […]

X-Files: Warnings From Chernobyl

Perhaps the best illustration of the dangers and true cost of Nuclear Technology is not a War in which the Atom Bomb was dropped or […]

X-Files: (Jay-Z ‘The Story Of O.J.’, Jim Crow & The Sambo Archetype)

Jay-Z’s 4.44 album has sparked some long overdue conversations. The reference to the ‘Sambo’ archetype in the video for ‘The Story of OJ’ raises some […]

X-Files: Scams

In life one generally aims to be both ‘book’ and ‘street’ smart. A lack of street smarts can prove just, if not more costly than […]