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Underworld Undercover: Operation Donnie Brasco

  Infiltrated: Bonano Family Its time for another Underworld entry, and this time we look at the success of Law Enforcement which has had significant victories against the Mob, weakening its grip especially in the 90s with the imprisonment of top Bosses like John Gotti. One of the most successful FBI Mob undercover operations involved [&hellip

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Underworld: Carlo Gambino

Our last Underworld entry on Cocaine Godmother Griselda Blanco proved to be a favourite, so we’ll make it a more regular feature as we continue by looking at the life and times of Carlo Gambino widely regarded as the most successful Mafia Boss in the history of the Mob, especially in America courtesy of The [&hellip

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Queen Of The Pack: Griselda Blanco: Cocaine Godmother

Its been a minute since we put the spotlight on a Woman, so we set off our 2018 Profile features with a ‘Queen Of The Pack’ entry on the legendary Griselda Blanco, a Colombia-born high-level operative in the infamous Medellin Cartel, known for trafficking cocaine in major urban centers like Miami, Florida. Birth & Early [&hellip

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