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Film: The Interpreter: (Image Of A Liberator Dictator)

Since raving about ‘Narcos Season 3’, we havent ventured into Cinema, and this time around our Film is ‘The Interpreter’, a 2005 Political Thriller directed […]

Narcos 3 Finale: The Narco-State & War On Drugs

A ‘Narco-State’ (also Narco-capitalism or Narco-economy) is a Political and Economic term applied to States where Government policies are seen to collude and cooperate with […]

Hip Hop Faculty: Narcos Season 3 Displays Hip Hop’s Cinematic Potential

This is one of those Posts I didnt initially plan on making but after watching Narcos Season 3, I couldn’t hold back. The 3rd Season […]

TV : A.I. Takes Center Stage In HBOs Westworld

I didnt think our TV recommendation would be another Sci-Fi Production, but it looks like A.I. has both Hollywood’s and the people’s attention, which would […]