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The Pharaoh’s Journey To The Afterlife: Mainstream View

The Pharaoh’s journey to the afterlife is an aspect of Egyptian Mysticism that has captivated  Historians and ordinary people alike for Centuries.

Shrouded in the symbolism of the The Pyramid Texts, the Pharaoh’s journey is recorded in texts which were inscribed on the walls of the old Kingdom Pyramids at Saqqara in the 5th and 6th Dynasties of the Old Kingdom.

The texts were reserved for the soul of the deceased Pharaoh by his scribes and priests and were a series of spells and incantations designed to free the soul of the Pharaoh from the body and help it ascend toward the heavens.

Over two hundred gods and goddesses are mentioned in the Pyramid Texts from the most famous (such as Osiris and Isis) to lesser known deities. These allusions, as with all of the inscriptions, were intended to help the soul of the Pharaoh in his transition from earthly life to the afterlife (known as the Field of Reeds) where he would live eternally.

Ra Travelling Through the Underworld

Pharaoh Travelling To The Field Of Reeds


The texts also state that the soul of the deceased Pharaoh could fly or run or walk or even row to the Field of Reeds in a ship as this passage indicates: “A ramp to the sky is built for him that he may go up to the sky thereon. He goeth up upon the smoke of the great exhalation. He flieth as a bird and he settleth as a beetle on an empty seat on the ship of Ra… He roweth in the sky in thy ship, O Ra! And he cometh to the land in thy ship, O Ra!”

The Anunnaki Connection

According to Zechariah Sitchin, the Pharaoh’s journey to the Afterlife was not purely allegorical but literal, resting on the Ancient traditions of Egypt’s Anunnaki God-Kings, like Ra, Osiris, Set and Horus which we have discussed before.

Perhaps the biggest clue lies in the phrase quoted above:

“A ramp to the sky is built for him that he may go up to the sky thereon. He goeth up upon the smoke of the great exhalation. He flieth as a bird and he settleth as a beetle on an empty seat on the ship of Ra… He roweth in the sky in thy ship, O Ra! And he cometh to the land in thy ship, O Ra!”

Why would the Pharaoh ascend to a ramp to fly as a bird in the sky going up to the heavens in smoke?….Sounds like a Rocket launch doesnt it?

Pharaoh As Astronaut


The deification of the Pharaoh began with his purification and included embalmment (mummification), so that the dead king would resemble Osiris with all his members tied together. The embalmed Pharaoh was then carried in a funerary procession to a structure topped by a pyramid, in front of which there stood an oval-shaped pillar.

As a descendant of Osiris, the Pharaoh claimed the right to ascend to the land of the Gods in the same manner Osiris had been returned…However, if we accept that the ‘land of the Gods (Anunnaki)’ is not some mysterious Ethereal realm, but an actual Planet i.e. Nibiru, then the Pharoah’s journey to the afterlife in reality is about the return of the Pharaoh to Nibiru to rejoin Osiris, Horus and the rest of the Anunnaki Pantheon of Gods.

What, then, if the texts reflect a world/path to Nibiru which had indeed existed—what if the Pharaoh’s Journey to Immortality, even if only by emulation, indeed followed step by step actual journeys undertaken in prehistoric times to the Anunnaki Spaceports that would enable the Anunnaki and the Pharaoh to fly home to Nibiru?

The Stairway To Heaven

In the Olden times, various Spaceports by which the Anunnaki could ascend existed. As such, the Pharoah’s journey to the afterlife is in reality a journey to one of these Base Stations where he could board a Rocket ship to be transported to the Home of the Gods, Nibiru.

The steps along the afterlife journey to the place where the Pharaoh would eventually reach ‘A ramp to the sky built for him that he may go up to the sky thereon’ are in-fact representations of the Map of Ancient Egypt depicting the actual places and locations the Olden Egyptian Gods like Ptah, Ra, Osiris and Horus traversed in order to reach the Spaceport at Tilmun amongst others in order that they could be launched to Nibiru.

The first obstacle in the Pharaoh’s course was the Lake of Reeds—a long body of marshy waters made up of a series of adjoining lakes. The Lake of Reeds was situated at the eastern end of the domain of Horus.

From there, the Pharaoh had to traverse the territories of Horus’ adversary Seth, in the “lands of Asia.”

Eventually the Pharaoh would reach The Duat, conceived as a completely enclosed Circle at the exit-point of which there was an opening to the skies through which the  Pharaoh’s Celestial Boat/Rocket could launch for Nibiru.


                                                                       The Duat



The Duat was divided into twelve divisions, variably described as fields, plains, walled circles, caverns or halls, beginning above ground and continuing underground. It took the departed king twelve hours to journey through this enchanted and awesome realm encountering all sorts of beasts and undergoing tests that the Pharaoh could only pass by remembering the spells inscribed on the Walls of his Funerary Temple.



Beasts Of the Duat/Underworld

Eventually, the Pharaoh would reach the Stairway and Celestial Boat to enable him to ascend to the home of the Gods…In other words, the Pharaoh would reach the secret chamber containing the ladder to the Shem/Rocketship he would need to ascend to Nibiru.


Tilmun  Rocket In The Duat For the Pharaoh To Launch To Nibiru


Once launched ‘He roweth in the sky in thy ship, O Ra! And he cometh to the land in thy ship, O Ra!‘ and he would eventually arrive on Nibiru after about 8 days of flight.

On arrival, the King sets out to find the Tree of Life on Nibiru whereupon he partakes of it and is deemed to have reached the Home of the Gods with his lifetime now an eternity everlasting .

Afterlife waters

    Pharaoh Partakes of the Tree of Life on Nibiru


The Pharaoh’s journey to the afterlife is more than just an encounter with horrific beasts in the Underworld as is often portrayed.

It is a means of re-inforcing the link between the Rulers of Earth and the Olden Anunnaki Gods of Ancient Egypt by ensuring that Pharaoh’s as descendants of Osiris also enjoy the benefit of returning to Nibiru to have access to everlasting life like their Anunnaki-King forebear and predecessor Osiris.

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Zechariah Sitchin: Earth Chronicles Book II: The Stairway To Heaven

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