Month: October 2017

Liberia Edition: So Much Trouble In The World

This week’s edition focuses on the Liberian Civil War, and in particular its continued journey on the road to peace and prosperity following the recent […]

Holocaust Re-examined: Fact or Fiction

The Holocaust consists of three basic elements: Approximately 6 million Jews were deliberately killed. These killings were part of a state-sponsored program on the part […]

Hitler Revisited (Finale): The Nuremberg Trials

Following the fall of Berlin, the remaining NAZI Leadership surrendered or was captured by the Allies who were then faced with two choices…Execute the NAZIs […]

Guerilla Funk (Feature Edition): China’s Emperor Xin Jinping, Somalia Bombing Plus Spain Confronts Catalonia Secession

We set off the new Weekly issue with News from the motherland, in particular, the twin bombings in the Somali capital Mogadishu on October 14, […]