Month: September 2017

As Above So Below: The Spirit Science Of The Kybalion

Some Spiritual Gnosis is in order, and this time around, our quest leads us to the Ancient Spirit Science of the Kybalion. The Kybalion: Hermetic […]

Nation Of Islam Finale: Farrakhan & The Future Of The NOI

We’ve come to the end of our Nation of Islam feature which I’m glad you seem to have enjoyed. Louis Farrakhan and the formation of […]

Guerilla Funk: (9/11 Finale, News, Bitcoin Portal & Music)

Its already time for another dose of Guerilla Funk as we finish the month off with our last entry on the September 11 WTC attacks […]

Underdogs: Michael Faraday

‘The Cosmos’ hosted by famed Astro-Physicist Neil degrasse Tyson is one of my favourite TV shows of all time. It is itself a remake of […]