Month: July 2017

TV : A.I. Takes Center Stage In HBOs Westworld

I didnt think our TV recommendation would be another Sci-Fi Production, but it looks like A.I. has both Hollywood’s and the people’s attention, which would […]

Reptilian Deception Epilogue: Gnosticism, The Archon Matrix & Open Source Spirituality

Shadow Archon Matrix We get to the end of the ‘Reptilian Deception’ series, which I’m glad you appear to have enjoyed. Our grand finale starts […]

Guerilla Funk (Storm In Jerusalem & The Mysterious Death Of Yasser Arafat)

We’re back with another edition of Guerilla Funk. After last week’s Feature Edition, I assumed we’d be doing a standard News Edition this time around, […]

Retro Edition (To Legalise or Not Legalise)

“It is correctly sensed as heretical and deeply disloyal to the values of male dominance and stratified hierarchy. Legalization is thus a complex issue, since […]